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Posted by derekbobo on January 12, 2009

I’ve built a lot of stuff in my day and I’ve worn a lot of hats. Having said that it’s nice to be calling the shots and planning things for myself. I sometimes get frustrated in my “real jobs” when I have a great idea/approach that will positively impact the business. Instead of being able to fucus on just getting it done, I have to sell the idea. Weeks or months later… when everyone has had a chance to get their say in, I’m exhausted and not nearly as motivated to knock it out of the park now that they finally agree it’s a good idea. Sorry for the little rant.

With my current project I decided to skip a lot of the crap and just jump in and start building. My framework was designed to be pretty flexible so I pretty much hit the ground running. I mean, I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time so I already had a pretty good idea of the feature set I wanted. I created a project in my PM tool so that I could dump any random thoughts, created a few high level tasks and took off.

I’m only a couple weeks in and I have a functioning framework and I’ve programmed all of the core front-end functionality. I’ve also already identified a couple of features to implement for phase 2. I’m pretty pleased so far.

That was the easy part though. Now I have to build the administrative and management functionality. There is a lot more business logic and  thought that has to go into this piece. After all it needs to be as intuitive and automated as possible. I’m hoping by end of next weekend to be pretty far down the path… maybe not completely finished, but hopefully pretty close.

Once I get to that point I start to enter into a little bit of foreign territory. I’ve got to put together a game plan for selling this bad boy.


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