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Today I took the first step towards my solar system!

Posted by derekbobo on March 13, 2009

Today I took the first step on starting my solar powered system. I bought a 750W Black & Decker inverter from Walmart. In it’s simplest form it takes DC power from a car battery and turns it into AC household power. A small 750W inverter like this won’t power any major appliances but would allow you to run a handful of small gadgets (a light, a tv, a laptop, small power tools, etc) which would certainly make things more enjoyable than sitting in the dark without power for a week.

Next I need to purchase a handful of golf cart batteries. I hear they are better than your typical deep cell battery. This certainly won’t get me off the grid, but right now I’m just trying to get a proof of concept system running that might hold up in an extended power outage. I’ll try to upload my hand drawn sketch within the next few days.


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