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Sales, ugh

Posted by derekbobo on March 15, 2009

I’ve been spending some time getting back engaged with my business ideas. I have a couple of projects on the docket and it’s really helped to get me motivated to get back after it. I’ve been jotting down my thoughts in todo lists and trying to work on things a little bit each day. Thus far it has been pretty productive and I’m happy with the progress I’ve been making.

With some new ideas under wraps I spent some time identifying a handful of prospects, which I intend to approach within the next week or so. This has gotten me back in the whole marketing/sales mindset that I dread. Doing the work is relatively easy for me… finding the work is just not something I’ve spent a ton of time on in the past. Since I wasn’t driving full force I always just kind of did projects as they found me. Now I want to be proactive.

I’ve been thinking back to my marketing days. Personal selling in particular. With some potential clients in mind, I’ve now switched my focus to thinking about how I want to approach them. What would I want to see if I were in their shoes? Why would I want to buy from Derek? I have some pretty good ideas surrounding this, now I just need to figure out why the “players” are that I need to speak with. They need to be MAD… they need to have the (M)oney to buy what I’m offering, the (A)uthority to make the purchase, and the (D)esire to make the purchase. Getting to these people is going to be key. Now I just need to figure out how to navigate to these folks.


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