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Listening to music on the radio is more fun

Posted by derekbobo on April 10, 2009

I obviously like technology. I build websites. I integrate systems. I automate processes. These are all great things… or at least can be. I’ve always been a fan of technology for businesses but never been a huge fan of technology “just because.” I’ve noticed a trend lately that makes that even more true than ever.

We all have CDs, mp3 players, etc. It’s great because we can listen to all of our favorite songs without the annoying commercials or crappy songs that we don’t care for.

We’ll lately I disagree. The luxury that these items have created have spoiled music. I find myself skipping through to find my favorite favorite song rather than listening through the songs I arranged because I thought they were so great. I’ve found that I don’t find listening to songs to be as rewarding because I expect them. It just really makes those great songs not so great anymore. That just will not do.

The irony is I’ve found that when I hear that same song later in the day, on the radio, I’m completely stoked. I had no idea it was coming. I’m singing along and overall in good spirits about hearing it. So I say listening to the radio is better. No more getting in the same old grove and ruining my favorites. I’m going with less technology in this department.


2 Responses to “Listening to music on the radio is more fun”

  1. Brian said

    So what about Pandora? I find Pandora to serve my needs…from a variety as well as a “focused approach”. With the proper amount of “priming” to the Pandora engine, I find that it can play my favorites along with providing a fair amount of new music.

  2. derekbobo said

    I never really was a big Pandora fan, but maybe I should give it a second chance. The biggest thing is putting a smile on your face, getting you pumped up, or relaxing you for the task at hand. If Pandora is filling this void keep it up, but don’t be afraid to check out the spontaneity of the radio 😉

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