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IT should be viewed as strategic not support

Posted by derekbobo on May 1, 2009

You know what pisses me off? The disrespect that IT departments typically get on a daily basis. There are very few departments that can perform their job functions without some sort of IT intervention. Network connectivity, databases, ERP, CRM, websites, reporting… the list could go on forever. Now don’t misunderstand me I’m all for transparency when it comes to these things, but that’s only going to happen when you include the folks who know whats going on in the decision making process. You have to give them the resources they need to make the institution successful and you need to defer to them as the subject matter experts you hired them for.

Now I realize that the folks in IT are geeks and can’t possibly understand “the business side”… right? Are you kidding me? When it comes to IT there is no one else in the organization as close to the actual implementation and understanding of the business rules. When you fail to include these folks as strategic planners you end up creating an environment that is reactive instead of proactive. This is a recipe for disaster. You end up with segregated systems, inefficienct processes, security flaws, and often time pissed off clients.

At the end of the day technology can be a huge competitive advantage or it can cause you a lot of pain. If you look at the likes of some of the biggest companies of the world, they get this. If you continue to have the IT is the scum of the earth attitude because you don’t understand it you and your company are in for a lot of painful days.


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