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Intersections cause all the world’s problems

Posted by derekbobo on May 6, 2009

A friend and I were making an observation the other day that intersections create a lot of problems. In this particular instance were were sort of talking about the packaged software versus custom developed software and it sort of branched from there. My argument was basically that companies would save themselves a lot of money if they just built what they wanted instead of buying a half dozen different applications that perform their jobs well but don’t play nicely together. As a result you end up having to import and export data between systems, do more custom development to make them talk, map data from one system to another and the huge expense of profiling and doing ETL work. What a mess. If you just built the features you wanted into a single system you wouldn’t have all of these integration components and you could fit the flow of data to your business model instead of having to adopt whatever model the tool supports (but this isn’t necessarily a bad idea… it just usually doesn’t happen).

So from there our conversation began to branch out. State and country lines create issues due to new laws, taxes, etc, vehicle accidents are more common at intersections and ramps, leaks happen where pipes meet, and breaks happen where something is welded or soldered.

I don’t know what the answer to this is but I thought it was an interesting observation. As I move forward I will definitely think more about how I approach these scenarios in my life.


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