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And the celebrity apprentice winner is… Joan Rivers

Posted by derekbobo on May 11, 2009

Let me start by saying I can’t believe I’m making this post and admitting I watch this show. It’s more of my wife’s thing, but I do have to admit it’s entertaining at times. I’ll also never watch it again due to the disgrace Joan Rivers brought to the show.

I have zero respect for Joan and Melissa Rivers. The way they acted was a complete disgrace. I can’t believe they would belittle and disrespect another human being the way they did. I’ll never watch or support anything either of them do. To then down right lie and try to spin things as though Annie was the liar was unbelievable. Clearly the whole world saw the way Joan talked to her designer… clearly Donald Trump would get the real details.

Joan was a disgrace to celebrities. Joan was a disgrace to the show. At the end of the day she was kept around for show ratings and in a real business setting she would be obliterated.

Annie absolutely played the game but she did it in a businesslike manor. She was the biggest fund raiser. The way her friends came through for her clearly show she’s got a lot of good qualities… otherwise these people wouldn’t respect her and go out of their way for her.

On a lighter note, the amount of money that was raised for charity is a great thing. That’s the one thing we can all appreciate regardless of who you wanted to win.


2 Responses to “And the celebrity apprentice winner is… Joan Rivers”

  1. PEK said

    I suggest you watch the show again. The designer couldn’t deal with the time constraint and chose to use Rivers as an excuse’.
    Annie Duke was two faced and cowardice in her approach. At least Annie saw the knife being thrown at her. Joan Rivers had to take the knife out of her back. The right celebrity won.

  2. derekbobo said

    I don’t agree with you but I respect your opinion. Regardless if the designer situation was exaggerated for TV, Joan was particularly harsh with them. It also doesn’t excuse the way Joan talked down to Annie throughout the rest of the show.

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