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Promises kept. Promises broken.

Posted by derekbobo on May 12, 2009

I’ve been working on a journey towards happiness and being a better person. During this process I’ve made several promises across various aspects of life. Here’s a brief list of where I stand on some of them.

Moving forward on remodeling my house. Promise kept.

While I’m not nearly as far along on things as I’d like, my wife and I have been moving forward on this. We have a couple guys coming and working for us a couple times a week and she’s starting to landscape. It’s not near the progress of throwing up walls, drywalling, painting, new flooring, decking, etc that we did last year, but we’re gaining on it.

Staring my business “for real” this year. Promise kept.

I need to do better at soliciting new business and brainstorming new and innovative ideas but I’ve registered my business as an LLC and hired my first employee.

Building a test solar power system. Promise broken.

I purchased an inverter but I’ve failed to get my solar panels and golf cart batteries. Does anyone know where to get 6V golf cart batteries?

Learn to play the guitar. Promise kept.

I’ve been taking lessons at a local guitar shop for about a month now. Since I started I’ve been playing everynight and watching some YouTube lessons to supplement my other lessons.

Hit golf balls at the driving range several times a week. Promise broken.

I haven’t been going to the driving range much at all. I did buy a golf membership and have probably played more this year than the previous 4 combined, but I’ve not been as avid as I wanted.

Get back into hunting and fishing. Promise broken.

I have a boat in my back yard that I still haven’t licensed. I haven’t gone fishing once this year and I haven’t hunted for 3 or 4.

All in all I’d say I’m still doing pretty well for myself but it’s a real challenge sometimes to balance wants, needs, hobbies, etc. What I do know is that I’m not living the life that I want for my family and me right now. I’m trying to move towards these goals while also keeping in mind that this is my life. Day in and day out my life is passing me and I can’t be living my life in the future all the time. I need to start focusing on a lot of the great things I already have.

I’ll keep after it, and hopefully I’ll have a lot more promises kept moving forward.


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