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5 ways small businesses wipe the floor with corporate America

Posted by derekbobo on April 30, 2009

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies. I’ve seen dozens of small businesses, consulting firms, technology shops, academia, financial services, biomedical, manufacturing and fulfillment. While my age may not reflect all of my experiences I am certainly wise beyond my years. Through these experiences it has become clear to me that I prefer working with (or building) small businesses to corporate America.

Here’s why:

  1. In small businesses you play an integral part of the organization. Your typically a subject matter expert who gets a voice. In corporate America you’re almost always a peon who is expected to take orders. They don’t want people who think; they want people who follow orders. If it’s not their idea – it sucks. If it’s a good idea they take it and claim it as their own.
  2. Politics are minimal or non-existent in small businesses. You don’t have time for meetings about meetings. It’s about getting shit done.
  3. You typically have a much better bond with the folks in small businesses. You work so closely you can share more with each other and appreciate each other. In my experiences it’s a lot easier to go to the office because it’s almost like you’re going to see friends.
  4. You get to see and understand the vision in a small business. In corporations an understanding of the vision is beyond your pay grade. You can’t possibly understand such matters… right?
  5. You often get to play a role where you directly interface with clients. You see your impact on the business and it helps develop you as a more well rounded individual.

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